Introducing a new capability in deep vein interventional technology

Focused on addressing chronic venous issues.

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InterVene Inc.


ChronusTM, an innovative medical device, represents a new type of interventional technology focused on addressing chronic venous issues.

Specifically developed for recanalizing Chronic and Postthrombotic (PT) Venous Occlusion and Obstruction, its design facilitates treatment in cases of Chronic In-stent Restenosis (ISR) and late Percutaneous Mechanical Thrombectomy (PMT) for chronic tissue and Obstructed and Occluded venous stents.

Key features include the ability to treat venous in-stent restenosis through de-bulking and recanalization, particularly when recognizing re-stenting is limited. Emphasizing life-long 'maintenance' in many PT patients, the device incorporates endovenous endo phlebectomy techniques, to address a range of chronicities including removing mature wall-adherent collagenic 'thrombus' and excising obstructive webbing/trabeculae.

CAUTION:  Investigational device. Limited by Federal (United States) law to investigations in the US.  The ChronusTM is not approved for sale worldwide.  This device is not FDA-cleared or approved for clinical use, and is currently in development. stage.

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User Friendly Design & Visual/Tactile Feedback

Utilizing standard Fluoro/IVUS guided interventional techniques, ChronusTM can be easily incorporated by vascular specialists already performing DVT treatment and deep venous stenting.

ChronusTM aims to augment 1st-line acute thrombectomy and High-Pressure PTA & Venous Stents, offering a comprehensive solution for the range of obstructive and occlusive venous issues with advanced features and performance capabilities.



Product Pipeline

BlueLeaf System

InterVene VeinLab

BlueLeaf Endovenous Valve Formation

InterVene has developed the first-ever endovascular device that doesn’t require an implant to address deep vein reflux. The device is intended to form new vein valves out of the layers of tissue that naturally make up a patient’s vein wall.

Intervene’s percutaneous approach avoids the trauma of open surgery, allows for multiple valves to be formed in a single procedure, and mechanizes certain aspects of the technically-difficult open surgical procedure.

The goal of this technology is to enable a larger number of doctors to treat their DVR patients who are in desperate need of a better solution.

CAUTION:  Investigational device. Limited by Federal (United States) law to investigational use.  The BlueLeaf is not approved for sale worldwide, and is not cleared or approved.

InterVene Veinlab

Stratus Venous Intramural Drug Delivery Catheter

Stratus is 510(k) cleared infusion catheter designed to access the intramural vein layer for the infusion of diagnostic or therapeutic agents.  It accommodates veins between 7 and 16mm in diameter.

Utilizing the platform technology of the BlueLeaf endovenous valve formation system's Hydrodissection, this novel capability allows physicians to reliably access the vein wall for infusion of agents where varied drugs may be utilized.

Stratus is not yet in commercial distribution.

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