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InterVene Inc. is developing an innovative device to recanalize and debulk chronic postthrombotic tissue in s instent restenosis, postthrombotic venous stenting, late DVT thrombectomy, and in-flow vein restoration settings.


Chronic Venous Insufficiency Findings

In patients with significant preexisting postthrombotic disease, primary patency was 59% at 1 year and 51% at 2 years. 43% had reinterventions during the follow-up, and median time to re-intervention was 32 days.1

In a series of nearly 5000 patients treated over an 18 year period at a pioneering center of excellence, the majority (69%) of stent occlusions were identified as chronic.2

Varied levels of ISR have been reported to develop in >70% of patients who have undergone iliofemoral venous stenting, and ISR accounts for ≥83% of the reinterventions in iliofemoral venous stents.3

Treatment of underlying venous obstruction has been reported to occur in excess of 50% to 60% in patients  after thrombolysis.4

The majority of patients with in-stent restenosis (78.6%) were observed to have complete occlusions of their deep veins before stenting.5

Patients who require recanalization of a completely occluded venous outflow tract before stenting have had a high rate of early re-occlusion, with 25.5% of stents failing in 3 months.6


An American Heart Association report from 2021 estimated that approximately 1,220,000 total cases of VTE (Pulmonary Embolism and Deep Vein Thrombosis) occur in the USA annually. Postthrombotic syndrome is a common complication of Deep Vein Thrombosis and develops in 20-50% of patients. 7

Inflow disease accounts for the largest proportion of stent failures following both the index procedure and subsequent intervention.8

Flow-related issues were observed in 43.8% of the reintervention cases and no cases not requiring reintervention.9

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