InterVene is a medical device start-up company reinventing the way physicians treat severe venous disease in the legs. InterVene's BlueLeaf™ Endovenous Valve Formation System represents the first ever non-implantable, endovenous approach to deep vein valve failure. This technology allows physicians to create new vein valves for patients who are unable to efficiently pump blood out of their legs and back to their heart. Millions of Americans currently suffer from painful venous stasis ulcers (VSU’s) and other costly and devastating symptoms, yet no minimally invasive therapy exists to treat deep vein valve failure, one of the most prevalent underlying causes of these symptoms. InterVene plans to change that.

InterVene was originally a product of the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship and is a former Company In Residence at the Fogarty Institute for Innovation. InterVene's offices are now located in South San Francisco near SFO airport.

The Problem

The current standard of care for deep vein insufficiency is palliative, involving compression therapy and local wound care. These treatments do not address the underlying valvular pathophysiology, and compression therapy suffers from high rates of non-compliance. As a result, patients suffer from slow ulcer healing and frequent ulcer recurrence, significantly decreasing quality of life. Additionally, these symptoms have a considerable impact on cost to the U.S. healthcare system due to frequent hospitalizations and wound care.

The Solution

InterVene's BlueLeaf™ Endovenous Valve Formation System is based on a proven, open-surgical predicate (The Maleti Neovalve) that involves forming new vein valves out of the patient's native vein wall tissue. Our minimally invasive approach allows for access to a new segment of the CVI market by transitioning the strategy of care away from costly, chronic, disease management, and towards a curative intervention.


InterVene Raises $5.9 Million Series A
March 23rd, 2015

InterVene Inc. today announced the initial closing of $5.9 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX) with other investors including North Texas Angels Network, Green Park and Golf Ventures, LaunchCapital, and a syndicate of angel investors. The Series A funding will support a two-stage clinical trial.

"These studies will be the first ever involving a catheter-based therapy to correct the underlying cause of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) by creating new deep vein valves out of a patient’s own vein wall tissue."

InterVene CEO Fletcher Wilson

The trials will be aimed at demonstrating clinical functionality and acute safety.

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